HI there, my name is Jessica Bolz. I am a 35 year, four time cancer survivor of Hodgkins lymphome ( twice) and Breast cancer ( two primaries) As a long term survivor I am very aware of the the term SURVIVORSHIP being its own diagnosis. Survivors live a very different life and although my journey has been a beautiful one, its been a rollercoaster or fighting hard for the HEALTH WIN, educating others including doctors on how to treat survivor patients with knowledge and care, counseling other survivors, pushing for advocacy and rights for survivors and teaching and helping rehabilitate survivors and other populations with the beauty of water fitness. I have my own business at jetwaterfitness.com where I incorporate the idea of fun and joy into my themed workouts which have the concept of making the workout so fun you are motivated to continue it!!! Health is a continuing g effort and we are our best friend in that department and need to treat ourselves as such. I’m happy to be able to come together with others to share our goals! GO GET THIS DAY!